Thank you for coming to Green Life Care! You came here because you want to learn … most likely you have chronic pain, acute pain, sleep or overall health issues. However, you don’t know what to ask, where to go or how to start. Plus, Doctors and the current Healthcare solutions … have not worked … for years. Please call me, I would be happy to share what I have learned about Medical Marijuana. 858-354-6245 ask for Bob.

Update July 4, 2018 … Start date of January 3, 2017

Green Life Care focuses on elderly, seniors and patients needing natural relief with tested cannabis solutions that are sublingual. Meaning … capsules, sprays, tinctures, sublingual edibles and topical. Safe, confidential and educational deliveries to your living room.

THCa and CBDa is the latest whole plant extract that STUDIES show are providing patients with health benefit, relief from pain and over-all better outlook for their bodies and mind! We are providing bottles of THCa, 20:1 (with heavy THCa and CBDa) and 1:1 … all by Fiddler’s Green.

Carlsbad, Oceanside, Encinitas seniors are seeking and finding relief with CBD and THCa. No psychotic effects!! Just pain relief and relaxation. Be willing to be better!

Senior/Baby Boomer Cannabis Starter Tool Kit- Nternal/Reset Micro Dose Cannabinoids solution and XTernal topical Balm. Why? Micro Dosing Cannabinoids is critical to replace the Cannabinoids your body stops producing when you age (you did not know you made Cannabinoids? You are not alone … Please learn more!) and Topical Balm is great way to help with minor pains, headaches and soreness. What person 65+ does not have some soreness?

– 80% of our patients are suffering from back/leg/shoulder pain, general body soreness and arthritis. 85% have received relief with topical Balm. Psoriasis, aches and burns.
– Sleep issues are equally as problematic. We have high success rate, 80%, for improving your sleep. Depending on if it is getting to sleep or if you wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep. CBDExperts have a great SLEEP solution that is helping my patients sleep better and getting them off Ambien! Whether you have usees falling asleep I really wake up at 2:30 … you are part of the “2:30 Club”. Please let never help you.
– Patients are sharing their concerns of opiates on their body! They are willing to learn more and be open minded. Capsules, sprays, drops and sublingual edibles.
Oceanside and Carlsbad patients can find relief with topical Balm, sleep better with drops of indica, use 1:1 and 20:1 drops and THCa for your inflammation. Let’s learn how to naturally care for your body!
– 100% of people I talk to are wanting a to know more and they want someone they can trust.

Green Life Care (GLC) is a Healthcare Organization serving Seniors (55+), Veterans and Senior Living Organizations providing the health benefits of Medical Marijuana, Prop 215 Compassionate Use Act 1996. Our unique clinical approach vastly differs from other Collectives, as GLC will have Licensed Nurses* delivering medication, offering education and providing palliative care.  Our professional team will be a continual resource to safety, security and quality products for each patient dealing with Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, arthritis, sleep disorders, nausea and PTSD.

Green Life Care’s clinical approach with a Licensed Healthcare Professional will be a conduit to education, knowledge and assistance in the Patients developing their long term Healthcare Plans. The Medical Marijuana Industry is a dynamic market with new trends, clinical discoveries and new-found benefits. Having GLC as a resource to the Patients and Healthcare Organizations, with hands-on care and training, creates trust, reliability and improves the Standard of Care.

Senior Living Organizations (SLOs) have the ultimate responsibility to maintain Healthcare safety standards and procedures for medication entering and being distributed within their facilities.  Medical Marijuana does not come from a Pharmacy or from a clinic — it comes from a Marijuana Dispensary or a Collective that delivers Medical Marijuana to a patient’s residence. Healthcare Institutions have specific guidelines for sales representatives entering their property because of the many documented Healthcare Risks.  Green Life Care (GLC) meets the requirements for providing Medical Marijuana to Healthcare Institutions :

  • Criminal background check
  • Immunization
  • Universal Precautions:  Bloodborne Pathogens, Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Hygiene, Environmental Cleaning

Green Life Care provides a proactive, professional approach towards improving safety, corporate accountability and compassionate care for Seniors being treated with Medical Marijuana.  Our comprehensive services to the patient and SLOs include the following:  Physician consultation and prescription; Licensed Nurses to deliver, monitor and report on patients’ satisfaction and relief; SLOs and GLC will work on protocols and logistics to provide confidentiality and various ways to measure effectiveness; Ongoing education and training classes to the residents and staff conducted to provide consistent messaging and provide a vehicle for feedback and communication.

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Medical Marijuana: Not the same “Marijuana” as in the 50s, 60s or 70s

CBD?  Sativa?  Indica ?  Topical ? Hybrid? Spray for sublingual application? These are some of the new Terms in the Medical Marijuana Era.  Much more sophistication, technology and specialization has occurred in cultivating the plant, extracting the elements and engineering the appropriate vehicles that enhance medication.  Medical marijuana is far removed from the stigma of smoking a joint, being “high” or being part of some indifferent group … now the smart patients who are in Chronic Pain are requesting Medical Marijuana, as it is less taxing on their bodies than the pharmaceutical opiates.  Progressive patients are taking CBD/THC pills daily as part of their Healthcare Plan to obstruct Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Green Life Care is your resource for Medical Marijuana education, training and hands-on care with our licensed team of Nurses.  GLC will have ongoing consultations, progress reporting and information, keeping you abreast of new terms to ensure patients are knowledgeable and current with new therapies. Our services are focused on safety, security and clinical difference … Green Life Care wants you to “Live Your Life!”

Medical Marijuana Benefits: Alzheimer’s, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Sleep Disorders, Nausea and PTSD

shutterstock_383333794.jpg 3Every 67 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Is that where past and current Healthcare research and technology has driven the U.S. citizens?  How about a novel approach and listen to the new ideas, science and testimonials of patients that have experienced or witnessed firsthand how their lives or family lives have improved … bring back Joy!

In 1990 Scientists discovered, finally, the Endocannabinoid System in humans.  This System produces Cannabinoids in our brain receptors (CB1) and our body receptors (CB2).  Cannabinoids stimulate the brain and nervous system.  As we age, we naturally lose eye sight, hearing, testosterone, estrogen and our metabolism slows down. Why?  Because all of our Systems produce less or production is hindered, which is very logical.  Unless the Endocannabinoid System is the “Super System” and never falters, the body is losing Cannabinoids. So the brain and body need Cannabinoids replaced.  Medical Marijuana with CDB/THC is the natural solution.  The revelation about Cannabinoids stimulating the brain for Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss has many Seniors and individuals vigilantly researching for more clinical information.  GLC encourages you to do the same!

Did you know that 80% of the world’s pain pills are consumed in the U.S.?  Yes, our 5% of the world’s population is digesting 80% of pharmaceutical opiates (maybe that is why big Pharma has not done intensive research).  However, there are significant studies, trials and individual testimony of the extraordinary relief of pain, reduction of nausea and an overall positive outlook of “Live Your Life” with Medical Marijuana.

49% of adults 65 or older have arthritis reported by physician.  So if you don’t have it, the person next to you probably does.  Why let the constant pain and mental anguish continue to slow you down?  There are Medical Marijuana lotions, oils and instant pain relief options that will allow you to continue with normal daily activity and allow you to take more control of how you feel.  GLC solutions can be applied or consumed, undetected by anyone around you, without that “high” effect.

Green Life Care Aspiration

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Green Life Care would like you to “Live Your Life!”

Our patients are going through times of mental and physical change where traditional medicine of pharmaceuticals is not helping their minds or bodies. GLC is an alternative pain management, Alzheimer’s impediment and opiate-reducing company providing the highest quality of service and solutions to Baby Boomers, Seniors and Veterans that want to benefit from Medical Marijuana.

Professional and clinical teams are dedicated to patients alleviating their daily physical aches & pains and enhancing their long term memory health. Green Life Care is an advocate for the patient seeking knowledge and education. We empower our patients to seek medical methods to make them feel better and live their lives to the fullest. Learn more about our Services.

*Company Officer or Trained Cannabis expert